Later Sunday – Working Out I Did!

It’s after suppertime here. I ate toast and some veggies. Kind of nauseated today and think it was due to the ‘best before today’ milk I had this morning with the cereal.

Funny though. Feeling icky most of the day, I still managed to get up, go to Wal Mart for grocery items, went to Timmies for a coffee break (small coffee and sat in to drink it), I even managed a workout down in the basement with the weights that we have. Right now I’m in the process of doing laundry.

When I went to Wal Mart, I drove by a large gym called LA Fitness. It’s a pretty big building and the parking lot had a lot of cars in it. I thought of how the next gym thing would be for there. Until then though, I’m hopefully going to find some motivation in my ‘free’ morning time. It only amounts to maybe 45-50 minutes if I am lucky but still…can I not work some fitness into that space? Coupling that with eating okay shouldn’t that help? If not physically at least mentally would do wonders for myself.

I’m feeling ill today and still managed to do a small workout. Why? How is this possible? There is a difference between me and shall I say others and that is, I WANTED TO.

I’m hoping tomorrow, to fit in some shoulders in the morning. IF I target a body part per day, it should help. I don’t even want to share that I’d be working out or I’d be targeted for a ‘poor me’ and I wish I had the energy to do so but the people I work with are so….and on and on and on for the same old story. It’ll be me and the readers little secret.


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