Weekend of Gazeebo

So far the weekend hasn’t been too bad. Still thinking of my brother and his gf and hoping / praying for their safe return.

Friday I did some drawing on my ‘project’ I’m attempting. Also made a Best Buy trip too. I got home and we ate and began unboxing the gazeebo we’ve had in our garage for a couple months already. I then said we may as well start on it (what else are we doing right?) so we get the basic frame up and then would finish the rest on Saturday which we did. We finished about 330 or so then went and bought an outdoor rug for underneath it and proceeded to haul up the furniture from the basement. At least it all fit underneath and yes it’s a nice place to relax though did we need a third living room? Probably not. To me a patio set probably would have sufficed with a place to eat after barbequing and such. Oh well. It’s still nice under there and will be once the bugs start coming. It has mosquito netting everywhere so it should be good for them and for wasps really.

We’ll see how long until someone sleeps out there an entire weekend.

Today consists of me doing Sunday duties. Laundry and cleaning out the garage. Don’t forget a few coffees. NO junk food but coffees I can do.

That’s all I got for now…


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