I guess my first day of biking to work will be tomorrow since she went to work late today….she just left and its 7:20 in the morning I haven’t even ate yet and I got stuff put in the slow cooker while she sat on her ass being pouty.

She’s probably mad because she wanted me to keep sleeping in with her since she had to go to work a little bit later today which will of course make myself late even if I was driving since I have to get the roast ready for tonight since she’ll sit on her ass and do nothing…

Is it my Friday afternoon yet?


What’s the big deal?

She says she needs to go to work later tomorrow morning therefore I don’t have to get up so early therefore I probably can’t ride my bike to work tomorrow… I replied back no that’s okay I’ll still ride my bike I’ll just be late for work and then I’ll work later…

I tell ya….lol

Tuesday Blog

Tomorrow I’m hoping to take the bike into work. It’ll be a little trial and error, both for heat stuff and for energy stuff. It’ll be the battle between work clothes, biking clothes, deodorant and freshening up in the washroom before getting in the office.

Speaking of biking, I watched another new episode of Yowamushi Pedal so that was nice. I didn’t do the dishes from the busy weekend because no, it’s MY time and MY anime, I’m not taking up MY time to do them. I can do them later today when it’s ‘our’ time and take ‘our’ time away for the cost of her not doing anything or helping out. Selfish? I’m not the one being selfish first.

The MIL (Mudder in law) was telling us that we should get air conditioning for our house. Although I’m not opposed to it there really hasn’t been much of a need and certainly not a need in order to accommodate guests since we never have any besides them. I already am planning on purchasing a small room unit for the guest room soon (so it’ll be working when my own parents come visit and then themselves too. It’s about 350 dollars and a small price in comparison to a full house AC unit that would run around 5 grand. At least the one at home is in agreement with me (for once).

Last night too it was interesting to see how crazy a person really is when we started talking about how she wished her parents would be able to go see what we’ve seen in Japan. They as my parents have said are so happy we could go and say it must have been so nice! That’s a far cry from saying ‘I want to spend 6 grand a piece and go!’. In her mind though it’s ‘why not just go!’, because it’s THOUSANDS of dollars? Not to mention the insane planning that they’d not want to do lol…and have someone else *THIS GUY* do it….yeah no thanks. She mentioned about my parents going and I just laughed and said no way, they’d never be able to spend that to go on just a trip. What?! Why not!?!? (and she was serious in the next sentence) “You know, they could sell their house, buy a small condo and then go on a trip to Japan you know, they’d have lots of money left over.” What!?!? When and in what world would THAT make sense?! I guess in a world where everything else but her is stupid and everything someone does but her is stupid and every decision someone makes but her is stupid, then sure it makes sense. LOL.

Completely insane.

It’s been interesting. She’s been stuffed up at home for days, sure just a stuffy nose, join the club lady. She’s not sleeping well this week either. I would guess not after getting bombed over the weekend and ‘sleeping’ for 400 hours, I’m guessing that has something to do with it but what do I know right? 😛

I’ll have to figure out what I want to bring to work and what can stay at home. I will keep my surface at work today so tomorrow I won’t have to cart it around. I’m hoping for a back pack or bag with the work pants and other clothes inside and then a frozen lunch in the bag so it can thaw a bit during the ride (in a separate plastic bag) and then some ‘refreshment’ things again like mentioned before.

Guess that’s all I have for now…

Monday Morning Stuff

Monday morning…finally.

I say finally as this weekend was shall we say, a slog even though I got a lot of things accomplished.

My other half spent the entire weekend laid up, passed out, laying down, being ornery/half conscious/unconscious and then what seemed like checked out/depressed too which turned into anger at having to go into work today for this month. Right out of the gate though it’s like that. No ‘sigh’ and move on with what isn’t in her control but sheer anger and shaking body rage. I wish I had that much energy lol…I’d put it towards loving and enjoying rather than hating and despising…

A part of me wants to try to figure out what the hell is wrong but think this is a ‘in her court’ type of thing. I can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. I like thinking of it like I do with other people. Others if they are adults, are adults, sure adults can make mistakes, I know I do, but if adults refuse to be adults and act like children, what can I do? I’m not there to babysit.

One funny thing was that in one of her rambles, she mentioned again how I should tell someone in my family right off, tell them this tell them that. I told her no, I’m not the type of person to do that, I’m a good person and I believe people will take life as their lessons rather than have someone tell them things and then it just be a pissy relationship between the two. She never got the irony that I play that way all across the board, with them and with her too.

Anyway, time to eat cereal, drink coffee and enjoy some videos before I make my way into work with a sore butt from all the biking I did on the weekend.

Later on Saturday…

I’m sitting here and it’s around 10:30pm. I’m upstairs at the computer watching a movie I started a few days ago. I keep going downstairs to both eat and get some water and let the dogs out once in a while. You’d think this wouldn’t still surprise me but I see her passed out on the sofa for what seems like the whole day (may as well be) I still can’t help but wonder what the heck is going on though know the answer.

I’m at least doing things for me today unlike last night. The only rambling I got to hear was when I got home after getting the bike where she railed on and on about people that shouldn’t have kids etc…until you know, out cold right?

I may go outside once I’m done the movie just to get some fresh air but yeah just strange. It’s also strange when I go out and about and see women, women of all ages out and doing things, the odd one smiling or laughing but the point is that they’re out period.

Today though I did a bunch of biking at least. It was all enjoyable too except for the butt hurting from the ‘first rides’ of the year….always does that…after about a week of riding it should feel back to normal. Figured I could get to a Timmies in 8 minutes, probably less if I went to the other one I go to in the mornings.

That’s all I got for now…onto Sunday.


New Bike!..and Doppelgangers

So I finally had something good go on today, well two things but we’ll go with the bad thing first.

It is as I suspected. The drinks I bought today were used for today. It’s 5:06pm and she’s out on the sofa.

So what will I do? Well here’s to the good things. First of all thanks to my buddy for being a great friend (as always). :).

Second thing was I went to a small bike shop I’ve been to before and the girl working there (who was a DEAD RINGER for Texan In Tokyo, so you know, cute) helped me out with what I was looking for in a bike. She asked what kind of riding I would be doing, I said city commuting basically and she pointed me towards a bike that was on sale and the bonus of being neon green :). They let me take it for a spin for as long as I wanted to so that was nice before committing to anything. It rode very nicely.  It was funny too. Once I was talking to the girl about it and once I bought it (and then they had to have it for a couple hours to tune up and affix things to it (bike carrier, bell and so on), I found my headache was completely gone. It wasn’t from the Tylenol either I think it was that I finally had a breath and a sigh of relief and enjoyment. I went to the mall while waiting and had a coffee and wandered a bit. Totally dead mall lol…one they’re trying to revamp but yeah, not many folks there. I picked up my bike from the doppelganger and went on my way back home. I can’t wait to ride it to work.

I’m going to take it for a spin now myself which will be nice. May even stop at a Timmies with my locks for it (don’t want it stolen) and see what other enjoyable moments I can take from this weekend.


Thanks My Friend

First off, I want to thank my best bud for being there for me. Thank you thank you thank you.

I’m heading out for the afternoon, to go look at bicycles and such. I will take a coffee break for me and just sit there or maybe bring a book or something to read.

She almost polished off her booze from last night and today she’s asked in her ‘sick’ state for me to pick up a mickey of something, and 4 mixed drinks too. I said to her ‘for breakfast hey?’ and she said no, but she wants a bacon and egger from a fast food joint. Ah health hey?

She wonders what gives me high blood pressure. It’s her. It’s 1000% her. I’m okay especially after my enjoyable conversation with my bud but yeah. It’s definitely her.  My mistake last night was just sticking around for it.

Time to go be the adult and productive one in the family this afternoon and hell maybe get some enjoyment out of it!