Short Monday AM Blog


I’m feeling energized. Now I will await a meteor to reset my hash.

Sunny drive in today, slept a full night, SHE slept a full night for once on a Sunday night so that helps. I squeezed in a workout this morning and had a good breakfast and have a coffee right now too.

This weekend was good all in all. No PTFO time, though she did sleep yesterday afternoon in the gazeebo enclosure in the rain so that’s when I did my first workout (EVER!!!jk…). Went to a small bar like place about a block away from our house, it was decent, had a celebratory casesar and some bar food though not a lot so that’s good.

More bad news on the family front though, apparently my one grandmother isn’t doing so well, kind of in the mind losing end of things so it’ll just add to my parents rough year they’re having. Eesh. So thinking about that too.

Still hoping brother and gf and unborn baby come back in one piece and healthy too. There was a quake near where they are but I hear they’re okay and there wasn’t a lot of damage either so that’s a relief.

Forgot my wallet at home today too….doh….at least I know it’s at home.

Wonder how this week will go…


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