Some ME Time

This morning’s ‘me’ time is almost wrapped up. I’ve watched some videos, read some new comics (she-hulk, now called hulk) and ate and drank food and coffee and not spent a dime.

I will bring a coffee in from Timmies though as I have a tedious task first thing but should be an okay day I hope.

Last night was a total opposite shit sandwich. First was as per the last blog, the bottle, the rambling, the ranting over and over, the ‘flirting’ while drunk which is more unappealing than anything to me…to making food and being the productive one, watching some of MY shows and then finished up the night waking her drunk ass up to get her in the house where she stumbled into, left things going in the gazebo that could be fire related if left unattended, and proceeded to bang around in the shower.  Thankfuly she went to bed asap and was out so I could watch some more of my shows etc. Still super annoying.

Let’s hope today and tonight isn’t the same.


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