Sunday Night

Not much going on today here. Did a bit of garage clean up, a couple of errand runs, a coffee and now am just tired out.

The deadline is now tomorrow and know I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow for it, heck even brought some stuff home to do this weekend although haven’t touched it yet.

It’s tempting to work on it tomorrow morning before work too but then I keep telling myself that whenever I get the urge to do something for work, for FREE especially, to not do it on my own time. Do NOT take time of yours that you get in such minuscule amounts to do something for a bunch that won’t appreciate it anyway. Keep sketching, keep drawing, keep working out, keep watching your shows, keep going things for YOU because no one else will.

I read some of my comics today and am in the process of hanging up laundry and thought I wanted to blog a bit so here I am.

Called my dad earlier today, was a nice talk with him about things. Some stuff about my brothers and other such topics.  Not sure how this week will go work wise as who knows if some ASSHOLE is withholding other items from me to cause me to be in a state of stress until he ‘gives up the tidbit’ and then will go on thinking he’s a super hero instead of an ASSHOLE.

Not a lot was done this weekend other than that. She was outta commission due to the ‘monthly’ event so at least it makes her easier to deal with (for some things though the night is still young right?

Think I have some steaks to cook up for supper on the BBQ so will start those in a few minutes too.

I’m sleepy too…think I mentioned it already but yes…sleepy…lol…

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