Sleepy Thursday

I’m so tired.

I woke up at 4am to someone coming to bed and being all touchy feely and I just wanted to sleep.

She got a free day off today for doing good in their workplace, each person got a free day off so once again she gets a fortunate event. I had to pick up some ‘liquid’ for her day off today of which she started in on late last night when I went to bed myself.

Today meant no workout in the morning too since she’s home today. I also slipped but will be doing a workout tomorrow morning. By slipping meant that I decided to go have breakfast at McDonalds today with lovely pancakes and a large coffee. It was wondrous. The place was empty and I watched some stuff on my phone so it was a good niche moment for me today. I plan to have another niche moment at lunch today though not sure what I’ll do, walk or comic store (even though I didn’t recognize anything out that I’d be interested in yesterday), barring any other events.

There was something (I don’t’ remember) that the SO wanted to plan to do one day soon and I remarked NOT June 3rd. I’m going to my Star Trek thing that day. She gave me a dirty look. I will still go even if she ‘bails out’ because it’s not ‘something she’s particularly as interested in as I am’ bit.

May wash the car after work too. Need to vacuum out some dirt from the other night from hauling tit back home in the back seat and trunk.

I am happy the pup can be home and free today, let’s hope that the SO is awake enough to let him out to do his business. I know, high expectations eh? 😉


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