Friday, Oh Friday…

Well I can’t say I’m surprised because I’m not. I’m at work and someone else is not.

Someone else got a day off yesterday and that someone else decided to spend the day with bottles and bottles and bottles if you catch my drift. At about 3am today, she texted in that she won’t be coming in today as she ‘feels sick’. Must be nice to have a 4 day weekend (if not more) and to do nothing but ramble on about how she’s a great woman and how other women don’t like their husbands as much as she and most marry for the money and then just have a bunch of kids and on and on, all slurring-ly so.

At one point last night I went to fetch her some fast food so took me and the pup for a car ride. When I got back to hand her the food, she couldn’t even speak. It was a jumble of words, nothing making sense and you could see she was frustrated with not being able to say things, I put the food in the fridge and went up to bed, she was out cold once again. Never have I seen that stage from her either where she literally couldn’t speak, I’ve seen the slurring but never this. It was at that point I decided I’d feel sorry for her, and move on with my night, this morning I had the same feeling of ‘I hope she finds her way’ and that’s all I can do and then live my life and enjoy my life with the pup and other aspects of my life too. Prior to this I had hoped she’d choke on the bottle she’s drank from but suddenly no more. Not sure why but that’s the case.

So onward!

Today I plan to do some mall walking and wandering, have a coffee and just relax. Should be good!

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