My Day Friday

So today was pretty alright if I do say so.

It started out actually around noon where I stuck around and visited with one of my coworkers. I enjoy her company a lot, she seems to be a cool person and just super easy to talk to. So that was good. Shortly after I did the dirty and bought McDonalds for lunch against all judgements as I was STARVING by that point. I ate it on the way to where I was going next….the mall.

I got to the mall and walked inside. I wandered around feeling pretty good and went into a few select places and even watched the Sea Lions a bit from upstairs. I bought a small package of model putty for the giant enterprise model I have as I took a couple select chunks out of the body of it a while back so this is good. I looked through a small toy store which has a bunch of toys in it to do with anime and other things and continued on.

After the mall I decided to go up to a big book store and wander it as well. This place has seen better days and though the product selection is fine, the building itself looked like it hadn’t been maintained lol…I heard a couple of old buggers saying the same thing as I followed them inside.

I was reminded of a book the artists I watch mention time and time again called The War of Art, Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield so I looked it up and to my luck they had 4 of them so picked one up. I spent some time before the bookstore on a bench outside the bookstore just sitting there vegging. It was nice to do so.

I hit up a Lowes to look around in, bought nothing there then hit a different McDonalds and bought a McFlurry and parked and ate that in my car with the windows open and the breeze going through.

It was a nice afternoon! I arrived home and saw the person whom never texted me all day (odd for her) laying on the sofa watching TV. She’s now in bed though it is 9:30 I’m not going to bed just yet. Me and my pal went for a car ride and got a coffee (the dog lol) so now I’m back at the computer and about to watch some Anime.

Not bad not bad at all…



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