Sunday Entry

This weekend has been an odd one. Yesterday I felt super tired. Like so tired I was completely dizzy and couldn’t barely walk. I went to the mediclinic and luckily the wife took good care of me. It was a nice thing to see and felt good. I basically slept all day yesterday and then all night and today seem back to normal too.

I’m thinking it may have been a delayed reaction of stress from the whole deadline bit, the brother bit, the SO bit (the usual bit lol) and other things. I will be sure to be careful but man it was not a fun reaction to have. It felt like any screen I looked at was ‘zooming out and moving’ and same with the walls at home and out, just things weren’t lining up at all and I would get nauseated and such too….not a good feeling at all…I’ll probably make an appointment with my family doctor just to be safe and let them know about the stressful deadline situation I was in where I had to just walk away from work in the morning for a bit with my chest pounding.

Not much else to report. Work tomorrow.


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