Monday Morning

So I’m at work.

I’m so paranoid of feeling dizzy that I think I’m somewhat causing me to almost feel dizzy….so stop it brain!

I’m making an appointment with my family doctor today for some time soon to explain about the stress, about the pains, about the dizziness and so on. Time away from work anyways for my health? A good thing. I’d rather get this resolved and fixed.

This I’m ‘positive’ is to do with the stressors plaguing me lately mostly driven by work, some other stressors but mainly work and the ridiculous deadlines that turned out to be a ‘fake one to make us work harder’ by the biggest asshole in the office. If I’m not working then fire me otherwise let me do my job and you do your damn job and not try to be the bigger asshole than you already are…I know that’d be tough right?

*looks you in the eyes*

So from this point on it’ll be the cry wolf thing. You tell me a deadline? I go okay! Will I make it? Who cares. I’ll do my best, what I can draw in that time and what is required of me plus my good quality of workmanship (quality goes up with reasonable deadlines too ya know) and that’s what I’ll do. If you have your deadline of fake deadline fine. I’m not going to die for your fucking little game okay?

Scuse my french dear readers. J

Let’s see what else.

It was a nice treat to see my SO taking care of me. She went out on her own and bought groceries and supplies on Saturday, cooked meals for the week and was all around the woman I married. It was nice to see and experience. I hope there’s more of that but hope that it doesn’t take a heart attack for her to be that way.

Guess I shall start my day!


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