To Bike or Not to Bike

You know, no matter how many times I toss a new bike to use to sometimes bike to work, it just doesn’t make sense for me to spend the money…

I even have buy in from the SO on this but still doesn’t mean it’s a good or sound idea to do.

There are two options too. Either a e-bike which is an ‘electric assist’ bike or just a better bike that’s lighter, not a mountain bike but more a commuter bike. I personally like the second option just simply as it’s less to go wrong and also allows me to have more of the exercise than an ‘assist’ bicycle though one would be nice for cutting against the wind.

The benefits could be good. Here are my pros and cons for the bikes.

Pro – Exercise. I used to ride my bike in my early 20’s EVERYWHERE…I’m sure this helped on my weight and health.

Pro – It’s nice to get out (provided it’s decent outside) and smell the flowers once in a while, and biking allows for that.

Pro – If I can work some exercise into my commute, something I need to do anyway, it bypasses the SO’s refusal to exercise at a gym

Con – The commute would take longer than by car. If I’m driving, I can get to work in 22 minutes and back home in about 45. Just due to traffic. If I rode, it’d probably take me 45 minutes to an hour to ride each way. Can I get up earlier to go? Probably not. Why not? SO reasons.

Con – Wind and storms. Can’t ride during those days when it’s storming. If it’s too warm too, I’ll just be a sweaty mess possibly. How to freshen up at work properly in a washroom and do I want to bring a change of clothes all the time…

Con – The cash for a new bike. Is it worth spending 600 – 2000 on a bike?

Con – Fear of bike getting stolen. If you have anything other than a garbage looking bike, it’s a target for thieves. With a workplace where I’d not be able to just bring it inside with me and not any proper bike locking locations, this could be a problem.

Yes biking would be a good thing. It’d be a healthy thing albeit a possibly exhausting thing though wouldn’t need to be done every day. I know my SO is on board with the health benefits for me so I stick around but not entirely sure how it’d go.

Another question I have is the bikes that I saw at the store, they’re all extremely light and have commuter tires, as in thin smoother tires and not the heavy friction ridden mountain bike tires. What if my commute took 45 minutes only? It’d probably not change the time I left for work either…

Now I’m not making a decision any time soon but was nice to look and toss these things around in my head.


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