Taking The Low Road…

So it’s always funny to me.

I know someone (Very) close to me whom loves to take the low road. When they can’t get lower, they grab a shovel, or rather get someone else to dig it deeper for them…*rimshot

Today the target is a coworker who’s been slacking off lately. This coworker has apparently checked out, fine, it happens. So what does this person close me do? She takes the behavior and instead of figuring out a way to behave and sculpt her OWN work ethic, she takes the lowest (target) denominator of the day and she does the same or worse. She’ll slack now more due to this other person slacking. Way to go. And not only that, but be angry at the target even though you’ve decided to do the same (or worse) behavior just because ‘it’s not fair’.

Like was said in Spaceballs,



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