Zonked and Bad Habits

Mid-week already…good…

This morning I’m TI TI TIRED out…think it’s still from the weekend and add to that the running around at lunch yesterday to buy the queen her terlet, having to install it AS SOON AS I’M HOME and ate a little something, little over two hours later of stress on me for being ‘the one responsible for it working or not, including toilet not leaking and not overtightening things besides the insanely expensive seat for it, then after it worked, had the choice of picking up booze for her OR walking to the local pub for a drink and some eats, I picked the later. I was hungry was more the reason but partook in two caesars.

On the way in today I have determined that I do not want this to become a pattern. It’s not the going out that’s a bad thing but it’s the ‘additional unhealthiness of it’ i.e., fried food and booze. I don’t like booze though like us all, could use some once in a while and last night was one of those nights after all of the stress of it. The booze is probably same reason why I’m so tired out this morning and I don’t want this becoming a habit, I’d rather go pick her up some booze so she can just keep trucking on her ‘habit’ and leave me to my water tea or coffee (that and booze is pricy eeesh).

I know ‘she’s’ all happy to get her way of the NEW item installed though it won’t ‘keep’ her happy that’s for sure. Give one wrong thing said, one comment, one second of non-perfection from another human and it’s all back to the same ol.


Today’s comic day and we’ll see if there’s anything I want, or perhaps I’ll just zonk out at my desk..


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