Ah Work…

So last night I was thinking a bit more about work stuff than I would have liked…

At work there is this bad negative atmosphere, it starts from top down but I must admit the top top managers aren’t pushing at it as much as it would seem.  Sure they are out of touch but things do lie in other people’s courts as well and they just keep making it worse and worse for themselves (and others).

One character is all about titles and ‘big words’ and what happens when he speaks the way he does to some folks is he pisses them right off.  He offends and then argues why he’s right, right there which pisses the other person off even more which makes the whole project an awkward bit to even think of working on.

I’m usually pretty okay at being involved in most projects, and I’ve worked with the highest degree of assholes in my time but this is a different thing.  It’s a different thing because it’s personal ego, and personal pride, and personal stubbornness that’s what’s setting these projects on fire and it’s not a good thing.

The person that’s being irritated by mr big words is flipping right out and then saying they’ll take it all on and do fine though his pride is getting in the way of the work being produced. Sigh. So now they want to bring ME in to try to ‘help out’ when they say they don’t need any help. I’m the type that will work on anything I’m given but I think I shall have to see if I can do this and not be the guy that’s thrown in the middle of a blood feud in order so that mr big words gets credit that things were completed while rolling over people’s feet.

I didn’t want to think about work in the middle of the night but it kept coming at me like it was female or something.  I kept telling myself to not worry and not care about it as it’s work and I’ll deal with it when I get in but the more you tell yourself to sometimes not press the red button the more you want to press the red button.

So we’ll see how things go today/the remainder of the week.


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