I don’t know…

Quite literally tonight I found myself almost at my wit’s end.

It’s just that the patience that I have had for so long is really wearing thin I believe…

Tonight went just as expected with her consuming almost a full two six of vodka ironically with ginger ale as the mixer.

She wanted to lay in the Gazebo for a while and I was getting eaten by mosquitoes. I don’t know how they were getting in but they were tonight.

So then I mentioned that I’m not staying out here and then I’m going in the house because I’m getting eaten by mosquitoes and she met that with saying that she wanted to stay out here and she wants me to stay out here.

Then with her bargaining skill she determined that we should actually make a fire outside in the fire pit to Stave off the mosquitoes.

So we did that for a little bit and then went back into the Gazebo after I had sprayed myself down with bug spray.

Now it’s just me and the dogs as she passed right out a couple hours ago and is continuing to sleep in the gazebo and now I get to take care of both of the dogs.

At least once she passed out, I at least brought my phone and my headphones out earlier on because I thought this would happen.

I watched some of the videos that I usually watch which was a nice break from the insanity.

I don’t rightfully know how long I will be able to keep this up. Time will tell.


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