Later on Saturday…

I’m sitting here and it’s around 10:30pm. I’m upstairs at the computer watching a movie I started a few days ago. I keep going downstairs to both eat and get some water and let the dogs out once in a while. You’d think this wouldn’t still surprise me but I see her passed out on the sofa for what seems like the whole day (may as well be) I still can’t help but wonder what the heck is going on though know the answer.

I’m at least doing things for me today unlike last night. The only rambling I got to hear was when I got home after getting the bike where she railed on and on about people that shouldn’t have kids etc…until you know, out cold right?

I may go outside once I’m done the movie just to get some fresh air but yeah just strange. It’s also strange when I go out and about and see women, women of all ages out and doing things, the odd one smiling or laughing but the point is that they’re out period.

Today though I did a bunch of biking at least. It was all enjoyable too except for the butt hurting from the ‘first rides’ of the year….always does that…after about a week of riding it should feel back to normal. Figured I could get to a Timmies in 8 minutes, probably less if I went to the other one I go to in the mornings.

That’s all I got for now…onto Sunday.



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