New Bike!..and Doppelgangers

So I finally had something good go on today, well two things but we’ll go with the bad thing first.

It is as I suspected. The drinks I bought today were used for today. It’s 5:06pm and she’s out on the sofa.

So what will I do? Well here’s to the good things. First of all thanks to my buddy for being a great friend (as always). :).

Second thing was I went to a small bike shop I’ve been to before and the girl working there (who was a DEAD RINGER for Texan In Tokyo, so you know, cute) helped me out with what I was looking for in a bike. She asked what kind of riding I would be doing, I said city commuting basically and she pointed me towards a bike that was on sale and the bonus of being neon green :). They let me take it for a spin for as long as I wanted to so that was nice before committing to anything. It rode very nicely.  It was funny too. Once I was talking to the girl about it and once I bought it (and then they had to have it for a couple hours to tune up and affix things to it (bike carrier, bell and so on), I found my headache was completely gone. It wasn’t from the Tylenol either I think it was that I finally had a breath and a sigh of relief and enjoyment. I went to the mall while waiting and had a coffee and wandered a bit. Totally dead mall lol…one they’re trying to revamp but yeah, not many folks there. I picked up my bike from the doppelganger and went on my way back home. I can’t wait to ride it to work.

I’m going to take it for a spin now myself which will be nice. May even stop at a Timmies with my locks for it (don’t want it stolen) and see what other enjoyable moments I can take from this weekend.



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