Thanks My Friend

First off, I want to thank my best bud for being there for me. Thank you thank you thank you.

I’m heading out for the afternoon, to go look at bicycles and such. I will take a coffee break for me and just sit there or maybe bring a book or something to read.

She almost polished off her booze from last night and today she’s asked in her ‘sick’ state for me to pick up a mickey of something, and 4 mixed drinks too. I said to her ‘for breakfast hey?’ and she said no, but she wants a bacon and egger from a fast food joint. Ah health hey?

She wonders what gives me high blood pressure. It’s her. It’s 1000% her. I’m okay especially after my enjoyable conversation with my bud but yeah. It’s definitely her.  My mistake last night was just sticking around for it.

Time to go be the adult and productive one in the family this afternoon and hell maybe get some enjoyment out of it!



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