Monday Morning Stuff

Monday morning…finally.

I say finally as this weekend was shall we say, a slog even though I got a lot of things accomplished.

My other half spent the entire weekend laid up, passed out, laying down, being ornery/half conscious/unconscious and then what seemed like checked out/depressed too which turned into anger at having to go into work today for this month. Right out of the gate though it’s like that. No ‘sigh’ and move on with what isn’t in her control but sheer anger and shaking body rage. I wish I had that much energy lol…I’d put it towards loving and enjoying rather than hating and despising…

A part of me wants to try to figure out what the hell is wrong but think this is a ‘in her court’ type of thing. I can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. I like thinking of it like I do with other people. Others if they are adults, are adults, sure adults can make mistakes, I know I do, but if adults refuse to be adults and act like children, what can I do? I’m not there to babysit.

One funny thing was that in one of her rambles, she mentioned again how I should tell someone in my family right off, tell them this tell them that. I told her no, I’m not the type of person to do that, I’m a good person and I believe people will take life as their lessons rather than have someone tell them things and then it just be a pissy relationship between the two. She never got the irony that I play that way all across the board, with them and with her too.

Anyway, time to eat cereal, drink coffee and enjoy some videos before I make my way into work with a sore butt from all the biking I did on the weekend.

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