Good Thing We’re Not Having a Kid…

Yes that phrase was said again to me this morning as I expressed frustration at having this puppy.  Oh it’s not his fault by any means but more the load on me through this whole thing and also before.

We got up, she’s too lazy to ever let him out at night so I thought I’d try to see if he made it through. Well that’s not correct, I let him out and he had his business though not the ‘dropping’ kind and went back in. This morning as I’m getting dressed, she let him out and he ran around and of course turded one out in the bonus room upstairs. I (yes i) cleaned it up and made an iritated remark of ‘lovely this is how the next year will be, at least, AWESOME’ which set her off on a rant telling me that I needed to not dick around in the morning before letting him outside and how she doesn’t after work and so on and good thing this isn’t a kid….

I don’t know why but I so wanted to say ‘well, it’s not him that’s the problem, it’s you that lays around all the time complaining about life while I take responsibility for our household, and virtually everything else so adding this addition only has placed load more on me.” but I didn’t. I just snapped back sayign ‘you always say that’ and she went into how i’m juts not used to having to take care of anything (YOU YOU YOU) and didn’t grow up taking care of anything and on and on. She left for work pissed off.

Good. Be pissed off. Sure I cooled or will cool, off, and after work will be pleasant as punch while she stews and is angry (the usual) and wants to go to bed early (the usual) and that’s fine. At least maybe i’ll get a break from her bitching about her coworkers if she’s just pissed off at me instead.

I texted her telling her that it’s not the puppy or a kid that’s frustrating but more that all my life seems to be is cleaning this, chores, cleaning, running around, cleaning and then on top of it more cleaning so said i know i’ll just stop caring about it and learn to move on. Which you know what, that’s a lot of it. I’m doing everything. Everything. She opens her laptop, box and contents are strewn all over. Her noodle bowl she had for supper? It’s on a tv table that’s always there. Her frying pan for eggs? On the stove. 3 glasses on the counter with old milk in them, and literally just non stop other stuff. Maybe I’m crazy by thinking that these things should stress me out and I don’t know why they do. But that’s what it is. I’m just the one always moving always cleaning and her? Sitting her ass in her Homer Simpson groove complaining about one thing or another, wanting to go to bed early (so all i can do IS clean before bed) and then now the must do things on the weekend so i dont’ get pissed bit is just go go go for me.

Anyways, not the best way to start my day but whatever. This is life.



I’m exhausted. The night last night wasn’t very restful. Hail came and boy did it come. It smashed the garden to bits so we’ll see what survives but not a fun thing. The hail was between nickel and quarter sized and lasted probably 5 minutes though probably less as it seems to last forever when it’s something bad happening. Then I had to deal with the one at home who you know, has such HORRIBLE THINGS happen to them…yeah join the club, its life, moving on…

So I’m sleepy. I let the pups out before I left (which I left early) and then headed to the local McDonalds, sat down, popped my headphones on and watched some videos while eating my not so good for me breakfast. It was good. Now I’m at work and I’m tiiiiiired.

Not a lot else really. Have to try to pencil in a weekend when my parents want to come in (sometime in July/August) and July is almost filled up with both her parents coming and us watching someone else’s dog. Like we don’t have enough to watch right? This weekend she wants to go for another outing (so she can’t be bored right?!) but I need to start looking at the car I’m driving and making sure it’s still safe and then replacing parts that need replacing. I told her I need time to do that PLUS time to do yard stuff too…she was irritated but couldn’t tell if that was just her being her lovely self…

Not much more to report.

Weekend Update

I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and blog until now, and if she comes in the house I’m sure it’ll be a ‘what are you doing in here?!!?’ to which I will answer “laundry”..

The weekend was busy yes, some good and then some just damn tiring.

Saturday’s picnic went pretty good. The pups both enjoyed it and I enjoyed being able to have another conscious person beside me although there wasn’t many topics of conversation besides the dogs and the weather.

Today was another go out to the park day with the new pup for a pets in the park day. Sure it’s okay and wasn’t too bad but just to do these things out of the ‘I better not be bored on the weekends or I’ll booze my face off’ kept ringing in my head and didn’t let me fully enjoy the festivities though I did what I could.

I got on my bike after getting back and after being exhausted from being up most of the night thanks to someone feeding ol Meemers food he doesn’t agree with so naturally I’m the one up.

I got on the bike and first destination was to be the grocery’s tore though went to McDonalds first and had a muffin and an iced coffee. It was good. I came back home and sat around a bit, someone getting more and more sloshed while I do laundry (funny she didn’t need a whole weekend filled to keep her from being sloshed if all it takes is 2 hours and effort right?) and water the garden stuff. At least I have the house livable in here again thanks to my cleaning and efforts with Seymour. I still have to pick some poops and hten enjoy a coffee before bed probably in which I’ll watch some of my shows on my phone or tablet.

That’s all for now. May this week be lovely.

My Day

You know I actually had a really good afternoon today. I went out with the intention of drawings at a shopping center, which I did, and it felt good. I had a coffee a large one and I sat there on kind of a higher bench seating with a little lip on the front so that I could kind of have my Sketchbook behind and kind of just still look around and draw people.

It’s definitely a learning process, but was fun.

Now killing time near the end of the day, I found a place up near our place (10 min away). It has Community Gardens and has a nice big hill and has benches at the top and all the way along the paths.

Is really nice and peaceful in the middle of the city and I think that I’ll come here more often.

When I get home I guess we’re still going out to do some grocery shopping for tomorrow’s picnic even though she’s in pain from her teeth from getting a root canal done today. I suspect after that go home she’ll go up to bed and I’ll watch the puppies.

It does mean that I’ll be able to watch my own shows though so that’s a positive thing at least and it gives somebody a time to rest.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

On The Bus To Hell

I know I’m a horrible person. That being said nothing makes me happier than someone who’s being an asshole, being in pain. Funny too…teeth pain right? Let’s just make another good decision (because one’s never made a bad one) and have a bowl of LUCKY CHARMS cereal (aka sugar city) with milk and then not brush teeth after and go to sleep. Can’t hurt your teeth right? Not wise for someone who’s so effing brilliant right?


Karma’s a Biotch

Ah. I had what you’d consider a semi-frustrating evening followed by some in the middle of the night. I’ll fill you all in..

We have a pup that’s fairly new. He needs to be let out a few, then a couple, NOW ONE (HORRAY!!!!!!) time per night. Since I’ve done 99% of the letting out, I told her at night it was her turn. She shot right back saying “well if that’s the case then I guess I won’t sleep afterward if I have to let him out”.  I of course take the idiot way and go ‘fine i’ll let him out’ and then lay there steaming and cursing into my sleep.  I awoke a few hours later, around 2am ish to the one next to me eating cereal. I turned over and asked ‘did you let him out?’ to which I got an irritated ‘NO????!’ back from her (if it’s her filling her face then she can get back to sleep but taking responsibility like an adult for a life YOU pushed for? Pffff).

It’s odd she can be passively bitchy and it irritates the hell out of me but ACTUAL bitchy seems to get this reaction from me, I laughed and got up nice and slowly and took my time as she had nearly finished up her cereal, flicked on the light in the hall spilling into the room and went to let my new little buddy out to do his business. I was grinning ear to ear.

Much like a certain show we BOTH watched on the weekend where an older gentleman had a battleaxe of a wife that HATED his (their) dog and he gladly chopped her up and buried her under an apple tree whilst smiling the whole time (at which I laughed at and she had no idea why, not that i’m going to do that by ANY stretch of the imagination but it was fun to watch).

The little guy did BOTH duties like a champ, got a treat from me and we went upstairs vicotrious.  No less than 5 minutes later, she is IN paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain from her teeth. “…I don’t know WHY i’m SO unlucky…I seem to have the worst luck blah blah blah blah…” and all I could do was look up to the heavens and mouth a GRINNING thaaaaaank youuuuuu. I laid there smiling the next 10-15 minutes before drifting off to sleep thanking karma, God, whatever (The Amazing Mumford?) for giving someone something they deserve..inflict pain to others and YOU get the pain. Oh sure I end up getting up and being a bit tired for the next day but I had a nice little few minutes out there with the pup and a gratifying nod off to slumber. I consider that a gift in itself.

Right now I’m just typing the blog up, going to have some breakfast and let the doggies out once more and then grab a nice coffee on the way in using someone’s change. 😉