Sunday Summary Time

So I sit here Sunday evening, messy desk, Milo laying on his little sofa, an illegal set of blu-ray’s playing a show I like (though doesn’t have English subtitles….lol) in the background, oh well I’ve wasted $15 in worse ways before lol…

I have a coffee with me and am about to do the budget after doing some yard work in the back and front yards.

I think tomorrow morning will be when I do a proper clean of my office desk while watching some anime or something.

I finally can write what Star Trek book I bought… It’s called “Star Trek All Good Things: A Next Generation Companion”. For the life of me I could not remember what it was called.

I had a good trekkie time yesterday in Calgary. I was finally happy once I got there, though the drive down wasn’t a bad one.  It was a pretty good enjoyable day where my SO was having a good decent time too and so everything seemed to click. It was nice. I do value and cherish these times where things go okay as so much of things have been the opposite.

I have a few things to fire down to my bud that I picked up so shall get a package out soon.

Commented on a YouTuber I watch about how when I draw, I don’t seem to have anything hold my interest so that I end up just drawing pretty girls…he replied back ‘so why not draw a comic about pretty girls?’…good question and one I will have to figure and ponder over.

I finally set up a computer to send to her parents friend in the states. Just need to get some RAM and a new charger cord as her parents destroyed the current one. Hope to send that early next week.

Not a lot else going on but am happy that things have been decent. OH and found out tonight that my youngest brother popped the question! So happy for him. His fiancee is awesome.

That’s all for now.



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