We’ll See…

You’d think I’d have stuff to blog about today. I would have thought so too but really don’t. I think I’m hunkered down like I usually am when any type of change goes on in my life especially when others have a part in it too.

I’m in part holding my breath to just see how things shake down. I know that like with everything in ‘our’ lives, the load always goes towards me and away from someone else. I’m sure this will be no different. I know I will have to ‘temper’ my temper and redirect it somewhere else rather than towards innocent parties.

So we’ll see. That’s the line of my life…we’ll see…

Today I won’t be going to the comic store though that’s okay as I will try to do the online comic thing so I can still read my comics and support the creators of them too.

I need to go get some energetic vibes from my coworker and then will go on with my day.


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