I thought so…

So what I thought would happen for day two at home has indeed happened.

It’s barely past 8pm and she’s out cold on the sofa once again. Thanks to Rye and Rum and Cokes. Nothing like ‘enjoying’ the new pup eh? Enjoying days off from work? Enjoying well…anything? Apparently her idea of enjoying and mine are quite different.

I’m going to drive out to get some gas in the car and possibly a little treat for myself for staying or shall I say, remaining sane and have to take the new pup with me as I don’t want him to be left here without a conscious person to watch and see what goes on. I’ve taken Milo out quite a few times including a nice slow and great walk where he got to sniff each and every single thing on the walk. HE enjoyed it as did I. He and I have went for a few rides today too already so taking the new pup is just out of necessity now for my own self.

Let’s see if we can have a three-fer tomorrow.

I’ve had a decent day though all in all. Been spending time training the pup, spending time with Milo and doing some chores and watching some shows I enjoy so the day hasn’t been a loss by any means (for me). I even put up a solar powered LED light fixture in the gazeebo so that’ll be a nice addition. Found it the other day at Lowes and thought it’d fit in a difficult spot and it did!

Time to put a hat on, take the pup for a small ‘do yer thing’ walk and then it’s off to get gas and a little thing called a McDonalds milkshake.


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