It’s Saturday

I’m tired. Is this unexpected? Not really.

The big long drive back home yesterday was just that. Afterward it was literally just unpacking and letting out the dog quite a few times and dealing with yes, a pup.

I am sure things will be okay and will work itself out but it’s as suspected, not the most ‘team’ intensive effort.

Since it’s a ‘holiday’ or well any day, someone had done what was suspected and was ptfo on the sofa leaving me to let the new pup out 3 times during the night (on alarm set intervals I did) which at least went successfully but yeah..

Tonight I suspect will be yet another one. She’s stayed in her pajamas and has already started tying into some booze and will do more later tonight I’m sure. It’ll be day two of solo dad again. Not that I couldn’t do it but that it’s extremely annoying.

Milo is handling things okay, and better and better. I’ve taken him for 2 car rides just him and I so far today jus to get him away and he seemed to be happy so that’s what’s important to me.

I’m being asked so are you happy we got the little guy? My answer is ‘we’ll see’. I know I’ll be happy with the dog, just not someone else.

Almost time to go out once again. I think I’ll pick up a coffee. Then I’ll continue doing laundry and other stuff around the house since there is even less time to do it with someone to look after at the moment.


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