Not Surprising.

I’m sitting here eating food at a TV table with my Surface on it and typing in the blog. The new pup is sleeping stretched out on the carpet and the SO and Meemer are up top on the sofa.

One thing I’ll say I am enjoying seeing (though not good anyway) is a hungover person who wanted the dog in the first place and claimed she knew what to do to raise a puppy try to deal with him. It’s not at all a surprise that I am Mr Mom in this house. I’m also Mr. Do Something, Mr. Action, Mr. Build Things and Mr. Cook as well as Mr. Cleaner etc.

Once again I’ve seen her claim something and it be proven to be completely falsified by her actions (not to mention patience).

I’ve been the one to be up both nights to let the pup out, to take Meemer out and make sure he gets the attention and love he needs too. The only one not getting any love is my SO. It was really nice though when I have to wake up at the crack of TFE (too f**king early) and pick up the pup and get kisses and love and the little sounds they make. It truly feels like something that cares. That was nice and makes it okay for me at least in that compartmentalized portion of my brain. I’ve been the one to let him out, to take him for walks so far and to tucker him out. The SO comes down around 10am just beat and then my favorite part begins. Here you go! You can watch him for a while now hun. Enjoy the decision YOU made mmmkay? *decision to drink a ton when you should be acting responsible*

I AM looking forward to work simply due to the fact it won’t have to be ME the entire time. I’ve talked to one of my dear coworkers in a confidential manner about things at home and it was a nice thing to be able to do. She understands what life I lead and that as bad or as back stabbing or as drama making that work is, it’s an effing vacation for me and will continue to be once I get back Thursday. Sure I may have to deal with some stuff there on and off, but I have my lunch hour, my short time after and before work, and my FRIDAYS…if I ever lose those Fridays, there may indeed be a moider lol…

Today’s plan is to not go out anywhere. I’m not going anywhere to buy things to fuel up to do anything or I’ll be picking up yet another nights worth of passed out. See how she enjoys her hangover today…idiot.

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