Mentally Back Baby

Finally I think I’m mentally back to Jesse.

Thank goodness. I feel like I’ve slept 100 years last night although was probably 7 hours but lately? That’s a GOOD sleep.

Yesterday I found myself worried about doing things since someone was PTFO once again and with the new pup to look after, I felt trapped at home inside. I let him out, he did some business and then let him back in. I made sure there was nothing he could get into and then left them inside anyway so I could do some much needed garbage stuff outside (yard stuff etc.).

While I was outside doing the glamourous job of transferring the very poo laden garbage bins into heavy duty construction garbage bags, then spraying out the garbage cans on the road out front with headphones in and music playing, I had the realization of ‘who cares if the pup poos in the house…I’m cleaning right now and I can clean that once I get in too’ whether or not she’s conscious or not is irrelevant. It doesn’t TRAP me there. Man that felt good to have that realization. Once I was done that I did go inside and watch my anime episode on my tablet and enjoyed a coffee in between playing with the pups.

Today someone’s ‘ill’ once again. Not my problem, not my career, not my care. Far as I know there isn’t more booze in the house but even if there was? Meh.

Totally looking forward to this afternoon though unsure what my plans are but I don’t care as long as it’s not sitting at home either listening to someone rant about how none of the moms in the area we live in work (ironic) or the brownies.

On with my Friday!


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