More Saturday!

Still Saturday. So far I’ve been pretty productive despite anything else. I mowed the lawns, cleaned up the yard a bit, raked a bit, went and cut the lawn of an idiot down the street that has an ‘end’ of the block lot but never cuts it and all it was was a weed field spreading to everyone else so I said eff it and with my sombrero I cut the damn lawn lol.

Later in the afternoon, we went to a walk in mediclinic as her teeth have been bugging her, keeping her up at nights (sure), and so she got some medication for swelling as her face is a bit swollen. She says she has held off on getting the teeth fixed since I hadn’t brought her new insurance to my work…uh huh. Wrong but whatever, don’t care. Blame everyone else right? THAT’S how YOU never make a bad decision, creative writing heh.

So in that process, she also wanted a sick note for work for the past 2 days. Very sly there. I’m sure it wasn’t the LITRE of hard booze that had anything to do with it, oh no it was teeth pain. Funny with that same pain you’re up and walking about today…so why couldn’t you at work? Hrmm???

I wandered myself earlier to the convenience store where I bought an energy drink, the same type I bought when with my buddy at an outlet mall in the states. Always makes me reminiscent. Earlier than that, I rode my bike to pick up some garbage bags at the new home centre near us and just some bread for home.

So far I’ve ‘walked’ 15km today..funny.

That’s about all for now!


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