Still Sunday

Man with the exception of chatting with my best bud via texting and my dad on the phone, today’s been one HELLUVA boring day.

Sitting inside all day I had to get out for a bit. I watered outside which was nice as it’s a nice day out. I went to Timmies for a coffee and took Milo. So that was nice getting out. I started reading a bit of my book I bought a while back about the war on art and kind of just cleaning up the office upstairs even though I should be spending every second glued next to Mrs. Life On The Couch. So bloody boring on a nice day.

I ordered myself the batteries for my Surface Pro pen, a hat and a Godzilla movie that will be released in August. It’s the good one I saw on the plane to Japan. Can’t wait! Also waiting for that Anime movie to be released so I can buy it too. You know the one she magically didn’t want to go to even though I had purchased tickets months in advance…yeah that one.

We’ll see how this week goes. The blaming me for her tooth pain is laughable so we’ll see how she milks it this week when SHE actually has to take a step to book it and get it done. Gotta think of a new problem hun right?

Gotta send out a package this week too. I completely forgot about it but will fire it out this week.

6pm eh?…we’ll see who gets up for the pup tonight…so far it’s been me due to her ‘sore ear’ and ‘other ailments’ so we’ll see. Like I say, she’ll come up with something else soon enough.

Now to find a way to display pins in my case….


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