Start of a New Week

At work! Horray!

I managed to lock up the boys before I left so we’ll see what goes on for the first FULL day of being locked up. Just got a ‘thanks for being so helpful with the pups the past few days’ text from the SO.

It’s not a great thing when you know the only reason she’s saying this is after telling her coworkers how she’s been feeling ill and them asking well how is it looking after the pups and getting up to let him out and on and on and her having no lie ahead of time to tell them so then surrenders that I in fact have been taking care of them and so then she feels ‘compelled’ to text me thanking me for helping out with them.

Pass the chips.

Hope my best bud has a continued good time out on his holiday. So happy to read that things are so far so good. I must admit I’m jealous of his ski-ball playing. I GOTTA do that. Maybe this Friday. J.

It felt nice driving to work. I applied my enterprise decal to the car I’m driving so it’s nice to see that in the rear view, the car is clean as I did a thorough vacuum on the weekend of it and coffee in hand….made for a nice time.

My Surface pen battery should be arriving on Wednesday so that’s good too. I’ll be able to jump into things drawing wise once again once I get it. I’ve got to kick my own ass though to be persistent and draw even if it’s yet another pair o boobs and a smile.

Not much else going on right now. On with the week!


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