Stay Tuned for The Weekend Plans

She thinks our weekend’s need to be booked up. I’m thinking this is more on the compensation end of it for HER to not be bored and thus drink (since it’s NOT HER fault right?). There IS time required on weekends in order to do the cleaning from the week (of being a slob) as well as tending to the yard and garden stuff. There is also time required to RELAX especially for me too where I can do what I want to do be it do some sketching, surfing, watching MY shows etc.

Now if she’s bored by that and dives into a bottle of vodka that’s not my problem. MY problem comes in when she off loads (big surprise) the ‘weekend planning’ to me after she does it once or twice. “Well YOU should plan stuff for us to do too you know” she tells me so that it’s not HER having to plan it all. Times when I have planned a thing or two they’ve been dismissed by her not wanting to do them, i.e. the movie and other stuff i.e. festivals around town. The typically female 98 phrase is ‘well that was just things I didn’t want to do’ and then expect that will motivate a person to try to creatively come up with another event where mind-reading is the first order.

It seems that this weekend she wants to try a pic-nic by the river. Sure! Take the pups, find a parking spot and go have one. Seems simple enough right? Let’s see how this will play out shall we?


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