Karma’s a Biotch

Ah. I had what you’d consider a semi-frustrating evening followed by some in the middle of the night. I’ll fill you all in..

We have a pup that’s fairly new. He needs to be let out a few, then a couple, NOW ONE (HORRAY!!!!!!) time per night. Since I’ve done 99% of the letting out, I told her at night it was her turn. She shot right back saying “well if that’s the case then I guess I won’t sleep afterward if I have to let him out”.  I of course take the idiot way and go ‘fine i’ll let him out’ and then lay there steaming and cursing into my sleep.  I awoke a few hours later, around 2am ish to the one next to me eating cereal. I turned over and asked ‘did you let him out?’ to which I got an irritated ‘NO????!’ back from her (if it’s her filling her face then she can get back to sleep but taking responsibility like an adult for a life YOU pushed for? Pffff).

It’s odd she can be passively bitchy and it irritates the hell out of me but ACTUAL bitchy seems to get this reaction from me, I laughed and got up nice and slowly and took my time as she had nearly finished up her cereal, flicked on the light in the hall spilling into the room and went to let my new little buddy out to do his business. I was grinning ear to ear.

Much like a certain show we BOTH watched on the weekend where an older gentleman had a battleaxe of a wife that HATED his (their) dog and he gladly chopped her up and buried her under an apple tree whilst smiling the whole time (at which I laughed at and she had no idea why, not that i’m going to do that by ANY stretch of the imagination but it was fun to watch).

The little guy did BOTH duties like a champ, got a treat from me and we went upstairs vicotrious.  No less than 5 minutes later, she is IN paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain from her teeth. “…I don’t know WHY i’m SO unlucky…I seem to have the worst luck blah blah blah blah…” and all I could do was look up to the heavens and mouth a GRINNING thaaaaaank youuuuuu. I laid there smiling the next 10-15 minutes before drifting off to sleep thanking karma, God, whatever (The Amazing Mumford?) for giving someone something they deserve..inflict pain to others and YOU get the pain. Oh sure I end up getting up and being a bit tired for the next day but I had a nice little few minutes out there with the pup and a gratifying nod off to slumber. I consider that a gift in itself.

Right now I’m just typing the blog up, going to have some breakfast and let the doggies out once more and then grab a nice coffee on the way in using someone’s change. 😉

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