My Day

You know I actually had a really good afternoon today. I went out with the intention of drawings at a shopping center, which I did, and it felt good. I had a coffee a large one and I sat there on kind of a higher bench seating with a little lip on the front so that I could kind of have my Sketchbook behind and kind of just still look around and draw people.

It’s definitely a learning process, but was fun.

Now killing time near the end of the day, I found a place up near our place (10 min away). It has Community Gardens and has a nice big hill and has benches at the top and all the way along the paths.

Is really nice and peaceful in the middle of the city and I think that I’ll come here more often.

When I get home I guess we’re still going out to do some grocery shopping for tomorrow’s picnic even though she’s in pain from her teeth from getting a root canal done today. I suspect after that go home she’ll go up to bed and I’ll watch the puppies.

It does mean that I’ll be able to watch my own shows though so that’s a positive thing at least and it gives somebody a time to rest.

Here are a few pictures from the day.


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