Weekend Update

I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and blog until now, and if she comes in the house I’m sure it’ll be a ‘what are you doing in here?!!?’ to which I will answer “laundry”..

The weekend was busy yes, some good and then some just damn tiring.

Saturday’s picnic went pretty good. The pups both enjoyed it and I enjoyed being able to have another conscious person beside me although there wasn’t many topics of conversation besides the dogs and the weather.

Today was another go out to the park day with the new pup for a pets in the park day. Sure it’s okay and wasn’t too bad but just to do these things out of the ‘I better not be bored on the weekends or I’ll booze my face off’ kept ringing in my head and didn’t let me fully enjoy the festivities though I did what I could.

I got on my bike after getting back and after being exhausted from being up most of the night thanks to someone feeding ol Meemers food he doesn’t agree with so naturally I’m the one up.

I got on the bike and first destination was to be the grocery’s tore though went to McDonalds first and had a muffin and an iced coffee. It was good. I came back home and sat around a bit, someone getting more and more sloshed while I do laundry (funny she didn’t need a whole weekend filled to keep her from being sloshed if all it takes is 2 hours and effort right?) and water the garden stuff. At least I have the house livable in here again thanks to my cleaning and efforts with Seymour. I still have to pick some poops and hten enjoy a coffee before bed probably in which I’ll watch some of my shows on my phone or tablet.

That’s all for now. May this week be lovely.


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