I’m exhausted. The night last night wasn’t very restful. Hail came and boy did it come. It smashed the garden to bits so we’ll see what survives but not a fun thing. The hail was between nickel and quarter sized and lasted probably 5 minutes though probably less as it seems to last forever when it’s something bad happening. Then I had to deal with the one at home who you know, has such HORRIBLE THINGS happen to them…yeah join the club, its life, moving on…

So I’m sleepy. I let the pups out before I left (which I left early) and then headed to the local McDonalds, sat down, popped my headphones on and watched some videos while eating my not so good for me breakfast. It was good. Now I’m at work and I’m tiiiiiired.

Not a lot else really. Have to try to pencil in a weekend when my parents want to come in (sometime in July/August) and July is almost filled up with both her parents coming and us watching someone else’s dog. Like we don’t have enough to watch right? This weekend she wants to go for another outing (so she can’t be bored right?!) but I need to start looking at the car I’m driving and making sure it’s still safe and then replacing parts that need replacing. I told her I need time to do that PLUS time to do yard stuff too…she was irritated but couldn’t tell if that was just her being her lovely self…

Not much more to report.


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