Good Thing We’re Not Having a Kid…

Yes that phrase was said again to me this morning as I expressed frustration at having this puppy.  Oh it’s not his fault by any means but more the load on me through this whole thing and also before.

We got up, she’s too lazy to ever let him out at night so I thought I’d try to see if he made it through. Well that’s not correct, I let him out and he had his business though not the ‘dropping’ kind and went back in. This morning as I’m getting dressed, she let him out and he ran around and of course turded one out in the bonus room upstairs. I (yes i) cleaned it up and made an iritated remark of ‘lovely this is how the next year will be, at least, AWESOME’ which set her off on a rant telling me that I needed to not dick around in the morning before letting him outside and how she doesn’t after work and so on and good thing this isn’t a kid….

I don’t know why but I so wanted to say ‘well, it’s not him that’s the problem, it’s you that lays around all the time complaining about life while I take responsibility for our household, and virtually everything else so adding this addition only has placed load more on me.” but I didn’t. I just snapped back sayign ‘you always say that’ and she went into how i’m juts not used to having to take care of anything (YOU YOU YOU) and didn’t grow up taking care of anything and on and on. She left for work pissed off.

Good. Be pissed off. Sure I cooled or will cool, off, and after work will be pleasant as punch while she stews and is angry (the usual) and wants to go to bed early (the usual) and that’s fine. At least maybe i’ll get a break from her bitching about her coworkers if she’s just pissed off at me instead.

I texted her telling her that it’s not the puppy or a kid that’s frustrating but more that all my life seems to be is cleaning this, chores, cleaning, running around, cleaning and then on top of it more cleaning so said i know i’ll just stop caring about it and learn to move on. Which you know what, that’s a lot of it. I’m doing everything. Everything. She opens her laptop, box and contents are strewn all over. Her noodle bowl she had for supper? It’s on a tv table that’s always there. Her frying pan for eggs? On the stove. 3 glasses on the counter with old milk in them, and literally just non stop other stuff. Maybe I’m crazy by thinking that these things should stress me out and I don’t know why they do. But that’s what it is. I’m just the one always moving always cleaning and her? Sitting her ass in her Homer Simpson groove complaining about one thing or another, wanting to go to bed early (so all i can do IS clean before bed) and then now the must do things on the weekend so i dont’ get pissed bit is just go go go for me.

Anyways, not the best way to start my day but whatever. This is life.

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