Canada Day’s Eve

Reading my best bud’s entry it’s right on the money. Not only due to the content but well wait..yes the content lol!

Thinking more about the one here. Thinking of the phrase she likes to use each and every time I’m frustrated with anything to do with the house or her or the pups or anything….the ‘good thing we’re not having a kid’ phrase that likes to point right at ME for not being an adult or responsible enough…

Then I had a thought. With regards to the pup for instance…I started thinking what she’s actually done. Let’s see we brought him home. She drank and was out for 3 days. OUT. She took a couple days of hangover then had another 2 or 3 days of OUT again.

I was frustrated while I did the cleaning, all the dishes multiple times, all the laundry and unpacking from the trip out to get him. On top of that I went to work and let him out every single night sometimes 3 times per night. Yes I got frustrated and yes I punched a post. Yes I continued to be the one to let the puppers out to this day…Again what has she done?

She arrives home after leaving in the morning while I get the house in order, make and eat my breakfast and coffee try to squeeze I me time and get the puppers all fed, watered and *ahem* let out before caging them up and going to work.

She arrives home and lets them outside. That’s it. That’s literally it. And she tells me that it’s me that’s not used to taking care of a pup, or anyone..ME…

Yeah gratitude thy name isn’t the wife.

OK enough of that negative crap. Purge complete.

The good stuff.

I had a wonderful afternoon. It started out by receiving candy from my best bud and shared it with the people I LIKE at work, not all of it of course. 😊 Afterward I had a good convo with a girl at work who is smart cool and uses her head more than all other women I know.

Good company! After that I went to the mall and ate some food and drew before wandering the mall. I then went up to the coffee shop (SHOOT I FORGOT SKEEBALL!!) and continued to draw, read and draw some more. I watched some videos too. It was nice. I felt like I got a few sketches done that were good including some figure drawing where I’d watch it on YouTube and then draw in my sketchbook. I came home and we went out for Ramen. It was tasty. Now I’m attempting to put a one room air conditioner unit in the spare bedroom for guests.

I’m also drinking a coffee. 😊


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