A Case of the Sundays

Today is finally at the point where it’s cool enough for me to stand.

Today has been an ultimately tolerable day though in the barely category and it’s all due to someone being an irritable so and so. I’ll leave the guessing up to you to guess who it is.

All it’s been all day has been a constant negative bit from her about everything, the drivers, me forgetting stuff while I do everything kind of thing and going out to sit in a hot park with the 2 pups. It started out with someone just being in a pissy angry mood and continued most of the day. We had to even leave the park SHE wanted to go to because there were ‘too many brown people’ and she just can’t stand them. LOL…it’s seriously just been THAT all day long, that and about the couples around us with kids that she claims to hear fighting all the time though are surprisingly quiet whenever I’m around. Yeah, keep making it up…

Another day tomorrow at home too though will see if I can at least burn a few hours doing car stuff out front so I won’t have to listen to you know who. Then it’ll be another work week woot!

Good stuff. Last night I did start my sketchbook and with some figure drawing I got around 6 pages done…helps with the figure drawing but I figure it’s all good. May it continue. Gotta fit in some today or tomorrow somehow without her being bitchy that I’m not with her to listen to her complain how everyone in the world is inferior compared to her highness.

Now to do the budget.

Oh yeah and I watched another Doctor Who episode! 😃

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