6:54am…Holiday Monday…for some…

So I’m up at this hour. Why? Well for the past 3 times in the past 3 hours, I’ve been told by the wife who by the way I’ve found her nemisis (wait for it) this morning. She loves telling me when the dogs need out. Telling me when someone is scratching at their kennels, yes TELLING me…not getting up to do anything though…

Finally the 3rd time letting the pup out, and him just wanting to be up for the day (no need for him to do his business) I thought F**k it. I’m getting up too. I can have some ME time with the pups circling around being silly. She can lay up in bed like she has, a lazy sack of worthless ‘thank yous’ which remind me of Barb’s good old “thanks a million!” for working free overtime each and every night for months…yes FREE…thanks a million was far better than thanks 150 dollars right? Just like thanks for getting up again to let the pups out again rings on my ears now too.

Her nemesis? Getting up to do well….anything. So when she confronts me today about getting up so early with them i’ll parrot back to her ‘well this is what you have to do when the kids want up, even if it’s at 6:30!’. See how she likes being told something to that effect.


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