Still Monday

So today was a day where I was ornery. As you read earlier you know why. Funniest statement after is “oh? you didn’t sleep good?” no? Waking me up every hour or so after I JUST got to sleep to say that the pup may need to be let out, didn’t help me have a nice sound sleep…

I have had very little to say to her today and I’m sure she knows I’m peeved though again with no reflection on her part she’s just baffled as to why. I COULD tell her but then it’d just be another night of her being pissed at me and frankly I’ve had too decent of a day today.

I got an iced coffee on a trip to Lowes, I did a fantastic job of the back yard lawn and at the side of the house where the pups usually do their business. Washed off the siding and even re-attached the downspouts with bolts washers and nuts that go all the way through. Much better instead of the haphazard screws barely holding it on and bending the metal.

I’m about to take our old pup out to get me and iced coffee (and a muffin).

The other person wants to go to bed in about an hour, so like 7pm. I will not be joining her that early. Nope. I have some girlies to sketch and shucks, laundry to finish up *buying me sketching time without question*. I’ve started doing that. Pairing my hobbies with chore time. I’ll have more me time if it kills me. 🙂

On to the work week!!


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