Just Because She’s Purty Doesn’t Mean She’s Useless

I’ve been watching YouTubers for a while now. Vloggers as they’re called. I’ve found ones I totally enjoy watching and seeing a little peek into their lives whether it’s their real lives, a performed one, or somewhere in between.

There is a couple that lives in Japan, not the one from Texas but another one.

This girl has been in the military and from what I recall it’s how she met her husband while stationed in Japan (?). She usually shows up on camera, very done up, very pretty, seemingly down to earth, all qualities which I enjoy of course lol.

I recall watching some of the videos with my SO. Like everything I watch, it’s under extreme scrutiny and shallow comments burst like sunspots from the sun. I won’t put the comments here as you can imagine what they’d be.

Now I’ve watched thinking they seem nice and down to earth and so what if she puts some makeup on, wears dresses, seems HAPPY (?) and is a joy to watch, well more recent videos show that she really came from nothing. Not like I came from a lot either but it’s nice to see a down to earth, homebody and while her and her husband are in the states, she’s putting on the work gloves and filling holes in walls, painting ceilings, walls and so on. Caulking a joint in the foundation of her mom’s house to prevent water entry, she’s got no makeup on and is going to town on everything. This flies in the face of comments that my judgmental snobby SO has said previously. I’m reminded of Al Bundy seeing Peg doing housework (DOING ANYTHING IS A MIRACLE) and then Al gets all hot and bothered by it as he’s NEVER seen this out of his wife. I saw the girl doing this and was happy that my original thoughts were grounded in reality and that she’s not this high and mighty snobby high maintenance type of person that my SO loves to say she probably is.

Seeing them working away to help their family and showing how much they get along with their families solidified me in their viewership. I may even toss a few duckets to them per month on Patreon.



One thought on “Just Because She’s Purty Doesn’t Mean She’s Useless”

  1. But aren’t you glad that you have a REAL woman who doesn’t have to worry about putting on makeup or making herself look nice EVER? Besides, that vlogger probably was only doing that for the camera. Trust your PO. She knows about only doing good when watched.

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