Tuesday Mornings’ Complaino

Ah the first of the work week blog. Usually bitching from me. Today, not much different though will be short with it.

I slept like crap over the weekend. Thanks to her highness bugging me to get up to let the pup out. Literally over and over and over, “he’s making noise” and so on.

Last night was the worst. First wake up to let him out fine. Let him out, he’s not doing anything. So fine, I bring him back in, put him to bed. I get in shit for not letting him take enough time though was out there for a good 10 mins. 20 mins later, he’s scratching and crying. She tells me to get up and let him out once again. Fine. I get up, let him out, nothing. I come back in and put him away. Yet again though about an hour later, ‘he’s crying’ is said to me. Take him on his leash maybe. Fine. I get up, take the leash and him and go out front and walk him up and down the street. All he’s doing is eating weeds, grass, rocks? Anything he can. The thing he’s NOT doing is you know what. So fine, she wanted me to take him to wander and make sure he goes. Well about 25 minutes later, she comes out pissed off at me for taking so long. I reply to her ‘well he hasn’t’ went and you wanted to make sure he’d go!’ she responds, never being wrong, with ‘well he probably doesn’t have to!’ and I respond irritated with ‘THAT’S WHAT I SAID EARLIER’ which had a zero response.

I was so irritated that I couldn’t sleep until about 5:00am and we got up at 5:45 as per usual. I have another incident where I’ve mis-placed HER car keys. Why? Because I was the one driving it on Saturday and then being told to do this, then this then I need this then can you let them out, and so on and I didn’t keep track of where they were so that was additional to this morning’s shit. I get a talking to about how I need to be more responsible and remember things. Yeah easy to say when I do everything you c word. The next thing is ‘my car doesn’t have a lot of gas since YOU didn’t gas it up this weekend’. I tell her frankly ‘you’ll have enough to get to work, fill it up at lunch’ LUNCH!?! She says ANGRILY. I then respond ‘or after work’ whatever you feel like. I’ll be running errands at lunch and after work to pick up stuff for our supper (yes ME picking it up) as well as auto parts for the car I’m driving.

I tell ya, work is a cakewalk. An effing cakewalk.


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