A Mini Trip for ME!

So today I dropped off the SO and her parents to a history themed park to do with the settlement of the city here. Needless to say I was there once before and don’t need to ever again (EVAR).

After I dropped them off, I remembered that a new store was opening in the big mall out here that is the first Japanese type dollar store in Western Canada *perhaps all of Canada* and so thought this is perfect! I can go have lunch and go to the opening and see what’s going on!

It was awesome! Just like in Japan. Smaller yes but things were all 3 dollars here (think of the $1 ones there, importing goods, and they probably would be up to 3 dollars. The selection of good was fantastic. I bought a bunch of stuff for the SO and her parents and myself too. I bought a bunch of mini display cases for the Japanese toys I have so that was neat, some stationary things, cases, pencil cases, post card cases and trading card cases. TOTALLY worth it.

Tomorrow the MIL, the SO and myself are going to go see Wonder Woman so we’ll go to it in that mall and then her mother can experience a Japanese dollar store. I’m sure she’ll love it.

It’s been a good day albeit hot as F**K.

May tonight and tomorrow be good too.

Stay cool everyone!


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