The Sunday Evening Blog

“Oh yes, we BOTH get up in the night to let the pup out. We SHARE the responsibility…” she said to her parents while at the kitchen table, lying through her teeth.

This brings me to Wonder Woman the movie. Went this afternoon and must admit, it was a pretty okay movie although for the line above (and 21000 others like it), I had real trouble getting into it, into a race of warrior women, a race of women that DO anything instead of just ‘claiming’ that they do. That and “oh yay another movie where women can go FINALLY A WOMAN THAT IS POWERFUL instead of just the sex slaved women that are filling media for the past million years”…so yes it took a while to get into it.

The woman playing her is extremely attractive, one of my favorite looking actresses for sure. My SO’s mom remarked how beautiful she was and my SO said “well at least she didn’t have huge boobs flaunting all over”…uh huh.

It had Chris Pine in it who played his role well and besides a little bit of CGI where I could notice CLEARLY that it was, the rest was pretty darn good.

I’m looking forward to work this week. I can draw at lunches, see people I enjoy seeing and talking to, chatting with my best bud and everything else my work weeks bring. Sure work can be stressful but at least it’s full of little ‘me’ moments instead of the always ‘ME ME ME moments’ from someone else.



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