Family Woes

I’m finding it difficult to see my family. Not to do with THEM but to be able to either have them come out or me go out there for a couple days.

July and August are always busy. Always have been since we’ve been out here. It has been either house stuff, travelling stuff, in laws stuff or other stuff. THAT I’m used to experiencing at least.

What seems to be happening lately is that the PO at home is finding any and all reasons to take up every single weekend, now in September to get a crown on her tooth or basically ANYTHING else to say that ‘oh they can’t come that weekend, or that weekend or that one, or the next 15 because we might want to do something….’

Now it doesn’t help that my parents too, can’t schedule a day due to dad’s anxiety with travelling so just can’t ‘schedule’ it in and go with it either. My brother is having his kid end of August so naturally the wife in her caring manner thinks well they should come out and to hell with their grand kid which of course isn’t going to happen.

She’s trying now to tell me that I have to go during the work week to visit my parents as she wants weekends for us, I told her directly that’s not going to be some ‘new rule’ as I do miss my family and I do have to visit them either way at some point.

I know she’ll be stewing about it and pissed off but hey back off, it’s MY family…I don’t restrict her from seeing hers. And she wonders why I’m always exhausted….dealing with this shit.

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