The Tuesday

Almost off to work this morning. The PO drank a bottle of Sake last night. Reeked this morning.

Something funny at work yesterday. Was discussing Wonder Woman the movie and my coworker says “I hear she’s pretty good looking”, and was going to go further maybe about how of course they cast someone hot in it, and my response was “of course she’s hot, she’s WONDER woman, not DUMPY woman…my other coworker who sits in the same cube as the other coworker I was discussing this with turned to me and her and said “That’s true!”. It was funny. Then the coworker said “you should totally draw Dumpy Woman..” That WOULD be funny lol…not saying I will but it WOULD be funny..maybe it’ll be one of those sketch on scrap paper at my desk during work kind of sketches.

To get changed ol chum!


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