So Same Much Change….

Sorry for the weird title…

Last night I managed to get the bolts loose on the item that I’m trying to repair on the car so that is good. I had to use a torch that I bought at the store to heat up the bolt and loosen it. This is the first time that I’ve ever attempted to use Heat and it worked fantastic.

The first night of no cell phone was enacted last night.  basically she sat on the couch watching her crime shows as per usual even though she said that she only did that because I was making her bored. I put Doctor Who on the TV and streamed it, then put on some of my YouTube videos (that I watch) and streamed them as well on the TV.

She seemed to get progressively more drunk as the night went on even though she only had some light beer which leads me to believe that there was some other booze that somehow isn’t in the house but did get in her belly aka hidden. The big movie that she wanted me to rent she didn’t want to rent because she was too sleepy which meant too drunk.

I’m actually surprised that she went to work today seeing’s as she flopped into bed had no shower and then in about 4 in the morning got up frantically stating she had to have a shower so hopped in and did that while staggering around falling into the walls. I slept like a baby. 


 Hilarious due to the fact that my phone was upstairs the whole night yet somehow she got herself drunk passed out and was watching her shity shows as per usual. Wrong as usual lady.

Sips coffee

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