Tired Me

I’m tired. Yes folks. Still tired.

I think I’m just exhausted more from the go go go at home that I’ve been doing for the month that we’ve had the pup. I’m the one that gets up to let him out, then let him out again, I do chores, I do yard work, I do budget, and on and on. Then I have to deal with someone criticizing me forgetting a thing or two when I’m basically handling everything, then the constant turmoil that arises from a wife that hates everyone in the world. I’m stressed about wondering when my family will be able to come visit although it has been a busy summer for both them and us separately so I’m trying to tell myself that this isn’t SOULLY due to home stuff..

Yesterday I did NOT feel good at all. I was headachy, dizzy, tired and just wiped from about 10am onward, getting worse after lunch before the headache finally broke and then I was fighting to stay conscious at work. Didn’t have that eventful of a night either, I sat around and SHE did some dishes (I know THUD right?). She wants to keep things cleaner so ‘we’ don’t end up having to clean the entire weekend like ‘we’ usually have to (Substitute ‘we’ with JESSE ONLY).

We’ll see how long THIS lasts. Ironic thing is that the dishes that are usually generated and not washed are by her anyways.

She’s become irritated at why I’m so tired. Ironic hey? My tiredness is from stress that SHE generates at home coupled with me doing everything. Nothing else health related. It’s simply that. “We can go to bed early again” is said at the drop of a hat which doesn’t help me really at all anyway. I honestly think my issues are trying to fit in all the duties at home, the stresses of parents and family, and trying to fit some interests that I have (of which she has zero) and on top of that dealing with a new pup (who has been good to be honest) and it just going on for over a month.

Anyway, on with my day, sipping coffee and hopefully being somewhat awake.


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