Friday Afternooning

I’m hanging out at the coffee shop and almost done here as I’m almost done the coffee. I’ve done some sketching from a life drawing stream as well as a few sketches of a bikini girl and a saluting girl. It’s nice. I want to do more (ALWAYS) but for now at least I’ve done SOME right? Did some scribble sketching of things too on the tablet. Scribble sketching is like just like it sounds, you start scribbling and scribble figures, kind of lets your mind start seeing shapes and then you go a direction and hopefully you’d have a layout of some sort that is fairly loose.

I hung out with someone at work for a bit, discussing work life and all other things so it was nice to start out the Friday like that. We talked about my PO and things and it’s nice that she’s literally attemting to figure the PO out although I don’t expect anything to be figured out, it’s still a nice thing to be able to talk about it.

I picked up the car so at least that was quick.

I may go wander Best Buy as I usually end up doing on Fridays. Just nice to wander right? Wonder when we at home will start trying the ‘online workouts’.

Tomorrow she wants to go for another picnic in a park with the dogs. I have to keep telling myself to just go along with it because if all things were ‘normal’, a picnic would be a nice get out for the weekend. Unfortuneatey, all my bones in my body have been trained by this point to want to do ANYTHING BUT things that she wants to do or things that ‘she says’ will make her happy. I can’t help it. She’s done that to me.

I think I’ll write up a list of things to do this weekend around home / at home so that I can feel like I’m accomplishing something.

I do wonder though if I’ll go home to an already in the bag PO since she gets out an hour early and can start her own ‘happy’ hour. We’ll see.

I think I’ll go treat myself to an ice cream.


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