Friday Morning Rambles

Well I was going to have a blog yesterday afternoon but never bothered.

This morning I’ll just do a little one. J

So the PO at home got a login for a ‘beach body’ workout thing from her one coworker. She is ‘excited’ about it and wants to do this workout regimen. She also (not a surprise) wants me to do it with her. GYYYYRATE EVERYONE!!!

It’s using body weight mostly and it’s doing whatever exercises which is fine. I’ll wait the week or 3 before it peters out and then go back to business as usual. Still love all this ‘wanting’ to work out from her but the complete denial about drinking 40 OZ of booze and a dozen beer in a weekend having a ‘non positive’ fat impact on her (especially when she’s had it she gets me to pick up McDonalds or fried chicken or something) and will annihilate any and all healthy things she is ‘excited’ to do. I know, some self-reflection would help but that doesn’t work with some sexes.

On another topic, watching a video of a guy in Japan and they went to a figure store I’ve been to. A woman was with them and I guess does the camera work for the channel (or helps them out ?) and remarked why the booby figures are so booby…no one has boobs that big….etc…my thought I had made me laugh… I thought okay but in tv and in fiction and in comics and in basically ALL media, women are portrayed as these strong, powerful, logical, sexy and smart beings and not the kind of beings that revel in another one of their sexes pains, drama and is lucky if they move off the sofa (at least in the case of my PO) so you know what? Make the figures with huge boobages…at least it’s nice to look at…nicer than a scowly puss on their faces all the time like reality…


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